Promoting Educational & Professional Development 

within the Community.


The Reid Foundation Engineering Scholarship is created to allow students the opportunity to achive academically and professional. The funds are to be used for items such as school supplies, clothes, and etc. The goal is to inspire students to continue their interest in engineering by providing them with resources needed to be successful. Going to school for engineering is very rigorous and without a support system it is even more difficult to get through. SAME could be your support system as you navigate your college experience. Aiming to give scholarships to incoming college freshmen attending any form of trade school or engineering program as encouragement that they are supported in their journey.

Professional Development

Our professional development initive is geared to help students learn soft skills when networking, negotiating, and etc. The goal is to have each student mentally prepared to understand industry terminolgy and procedure. 


Students can expect to develop from resume building, mock interviews, career readiness, and many more. The goal is to create a space for students to start learning skills that can benefit them for a life time.


SAME offers a mentorship program for students to be assigned a mentor who is already within the industry to be their guide and coach as they continue their journey. The mentor is to have a minumum of one monthly check in with each student on their growth and progress. Learn how to gain access to a mentor today by contacting us!


Learn how to become a mentor in the program by contacting us today!

General Questions

Please feel free to contact us for any assitance or general questions.

Give back to the community today! We are currently not accepting montetary donations, but are looking for more volunteers.

or call (219) 381-1914


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